AIS warns you before it is too late.


The red circles around own ship are 0.5Nm apart. More 'own' details on the bottom of screen
Details of cargo ship shown in the Target Query box. NOTE: CPA (closest point of aproach) 1.8NM which happens in 4mins 27sec.,

This low cost plug & Play AIS receiver is an effective solution for adding AIS to your navigation capabilities.

*  For Windows XP 7 8 10, Adroid v.4.1 and higher, Tablet and Smart-Phone.
*  Featuring a dual channel receiver with a Super stable 1ppm TCXO v.3
*  Receives on both AIS frequencies: 161.975 and 162.025 MHz simultaneously
*  USB Interface for simple Plug and Play connection.
*  For use with any AIS compatible PC navigation software, such as the latest OpenCpn, MaxSea, Nobeltec, etc.
*  Connected to a VHF antenna 3 m. above sea level, you can receive all AIS targets, within 25 Nm. radius of your position.
*  High Speed NMEA output (38,400 baud)
*  Receives any class A and Class B AIS targets
*   Powered by USB only.
*  Works anywhere in the world, totally indepedent of internet.

All the software and extended step by step installation information for Windows and Android are on DVD.

*   Ideal to use with your Laptop, Tablet or Phone.. A compact and complete portable system.
*  Powered by USB, no external power supply or internet connection is needed.
*  Shows all ships: ID, position, course, speed, size, possible collision course, time to impact etc.
*  All details are super-imposed on your current navigation page on screen
*  Sounds an alarm when a collision is possible.

It is best to install a dedicated VHF antenna for the AIS receiver. [A good DIY antenna design is on the DVD.]
All you need is some 50 Ohm coax cable to connect the antenna to the AIS receiver.
High performance use with PC based navigation software such as OpenCPN, MaxSea etc.
NMEA output 38,400 baud.
Receives class A and Class B AIS targets on both frequencies.

The AIS package includes:

*   1 x AISMAP USB dual channel receiver v4.2 -- plug and play after software setup.
*   1 x DVD, with all the software needed + printable comprehensive installation instructions + latest South Pacific and New Zealand charts.
*   1 x OTG cable
*   2 x Dust caps


It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the software to suit your device: Simply follow the instructions.

Below a couple of screen prints using the Ais Receiver Engine.

The length of the green arrows is an indicator of the ship speed. In this case the ship will arrive at the green circle in 10 minutes. AIS targets list superimposed.


Some live AIS data incoming.



AIS reception on a Samsung S5 phone. (connected with supplied OTG cable)


AIS reception on a 10" Tablet. (connected with supplied OTG cable)


AIS reception on a Laptop (Plugged straight into a USB port



Live AIS in Singapore

The above chart shows live shipping in Singapore.
Putting the mouse on one of the ships, shows their name, speed and course.
Double clicking brings up the ships details with photos.
To zoom in/out click on the + or -

(The chart is updated every 2 minutes or so, with data supplied by

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