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Cheapest marine Electronics AIS Dual Channel Receiver

Cheapest marine Electronics
Cheapest marine Electronics

All prices quoted, are in US Dollars

Cheapest marine Electronics
Cheapest marine Electronics Cheapest marine Electronics Cheapest marine Electronics

* AIS receive capability is a MUST HAVE for all offshore passages in to-days shipping world.
* This unit is an effective and cheap solution for adding AIS reception to your navigation.
* It increases your safety margin drastically
* Plots all AIS Classes A , B data live on screen within a 350 Sq Mile area surrounding your position.

Output is NMEA 0183 to USB
The AIS engine receives data on both AIS frequencies simultaneously.
USB Interface for simple Plug and Play to laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

* Supports Windows: XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10 (32 - 64 bit)
* Supports Android tablets: Android v4.4 and higher
* Supports Android Smart Phones : Android v4.4 and higher
Free Navigation software and NZ charts
Plug and Play after initial setup
Powered by USB, no external power supply or internet connection is needed

Shows AIS target details like: I.D., Position, Course, Speed, Size,Destination, Possible collision course, Time to impact etc.
AIS transponders are compulsory on ocean going ships.

**Nav software sounds an alarm, if a collision is possible
**All AIS targets are super-imposed on your navigation screen.
Needs a VHF antenna. (a cheap and working DIY design is on the DVD).

The package:
1 x AIS receiver Engine (60 x 100 x 25mm )
1 x DVD with comprehensive installation instructions, Nav softwre, South Pacific. and NZ raster charts + many Marine utilities.
1 x OTG cable for Android devices
2 x dust caps
Plug and Play after software setup.
You'll need some common sense computer knowledge for setting up.
Please note: Your Android device must be OTG compatible and have a built-in GPS

Free Android OTG set-up Apps are available from the Google play store.
In the package:
1 x AIS Dual Channel receiver
1 x DVD with Free NZ - S.Pacific charts, Nav software for windows - Android and many Marine Utilities.

Cheapest marine Electronics
Prices are in US DOLLARS

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