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Cheapest marine Electronics NMEA to WiFi Bridge - Mk3

Cheapest marine Electronics
Cheapest marine Electronics

All prices quoted, are in US Dollars

Cheapest marine Electronics
Cheapest marine Electronics Cheapest marine Electronics Cheapest marine Electronics

** Configurable AP, Password, Baud, Protocol, Port via the built-in web pages.

NMEA to WIFI Bridge, NZ charts and Nav. program, setup instructions and many Marine utiliies on CD.
This unit sends the NMEA 0183 data from your GPS/AIS Receiver etc. to your
Wifi enabled Phone/Tablet/PC.

Fantastic for the watch keeper, by having a waterproof tablet mounted near the steering position
or to quickly check from the captains berth, the course, position, speed, AIS targets etc.
No waterproof tablet? No problem----- Utilize a seal-able plastic bag
Mount the WiFi Bridge inside the cabin, then regardless of the weather, the watch keeper has
always access to an overview of the situation, without having to leave his/her post.

The unit transmits *NMEA 0183" data up to 15 meters distance.
The signal passes through steel bulkheads.

Set your AP name and Password via the built-in web page.
Data access is password protected.
No internet required.

Some tech details:
On power-up creates its own hot-spot and starts transmitting data.
Wireless Standard 802.11b/g
You can Connect 1 talker, such as: AIS transceiver / Receiver / GPS / etc.

Runs on 12V DC, very low power consumption

Connect wiring to screw terminals
* 12V--------------12V+
* GND-------------Gnd -
* NMEA Device Tx---Rx
You can configure the WIFI radio via the built-in web pages.

1) SSID Name of your WIFI AP
2) Access password
3) Baud rate of the device
4) Port number
5) UDP protocol
You can change the settings at anytime.
The default is 38400 baud.
Handles all RS232 data with standard baud rates between 4800 and 38400

Usage: Just power up and sail around the world.

Comprehensive 'step by step'instructions are supplied on CD.
Some very basic computer knowledge is required.
Size 80x50mm

In the package:
1 - NMEA to WIFI Bridge radio.
1 - CD with full installation details, NZ charts + nav. software for windows and Android + lots of Marine utilities.

Cheapest marine Electronics
Cheapest marine Electronics
Prices are in US DOLLARS

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